Interview of Nomad Honey in Advendure

Interview of Nomad Honey in Advendure

Read the interview we had with the magazine Adventure about Bear Strength, the first Greek energy gel, based on Greek honey and pollen.

[Advendure]: You were introduced at the mountain run at Zagori Mountain Running and then at the Ultra Ursa Trail while you were present at the expo of the Authentic AthensMarathon. Take a look at your company's path and the philosophy behind it. How did Nomad appear as a name?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: We started beekeeping as a second job because we are engineers. However it was not difficult for the bee world to win our hearts as we are nature lovers. And after our training at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, beekeeping became our main occupation. So we created the company Nomad Premium Greek Honey. Since then we have been producing top quality honey, pollen and all beehive products. Our engagement with the sports field started from our need to eat healthy in our training, since we are athletes too. Thus, in addition to the consumption of our products as they were unalloyed, we created the first Greek and innovative "Bear Strength"energy gel.

Nomad derives from the Greek word νομάς/νομάδες, like our ancestors. We move around searching for the most beautiful places in highland Greece so that our beehives can collect the best ingredients.


[Advendure]: Give us an insight into the range of Nomad products that the consumer can find. What are their strong features?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: We offer unprocessed honey from at least 5 varieties every year, such as oak, fir, pine, flowers, arbutus, etc., fresh mountainpollen, royal jelly, and propolis tincture. All of this, like Bear Strength, can be found in our e-shop: Also, only Bear Strength is available at the Fifth Element store in Ioannina and soon there will be other points of sale across Greece.

Our products stand out because:

  • They come from virgin areas
  • They undergo zero heat treatment during formulation
  • They are kindly filtered to preserve all their ingredients
  • Each variety of honey is the product of one yield
  • The standardization and packaging facilities are excellent, innovative and modern (HACCP)

Nomad Honey


[Advendure]: In addition to the honey products, you have made a decisive move and entered the field of sport with the energy gel Bear Strength. What has prompted you to make such a decision in a market that is flooded with imported energy products of any kind?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: Our decision to proceed with the creation of Bear Strength was the lack of a 100% natural product (without preservatives and flavour enhancers) on the market, friendly to our system and packaged in practical packaging.


[Advendure]: Mass production of an energy product like Bear Strength requires specialization and industrial facilities. Tell us a little about your productive process.

[Vasilis & Eleni]: Despite the difficult economic situation in which our country is, we have invested and created, as engineers, our own, stand-alone production unit in a privately owned area. Along with us, throughout this effort, we have specialized scientific associates and state-certified chemical laboratories.


[Advendure]: What makes Bear Strength stand out in terms of its nutritional value compared to other energy products on the market? Why should the athlete choose this?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: Bear Strength components are honey (carbohydrate), pollen (protein / amino acids), and salt, foods that are interwoven and recognized by the human organism for thousands of years. From the laboratories of natureit is a product of evolution over 65 million years. This shows how friendly it is to our stomach and does not have unwanted effects. According to the nutritional claim: "product contains satisfactory rates of Pantothenic acid (B5) and vitamin B6 which, according to health claims submitted to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), contribute to physiological function of metabolic processes aimed at energy production. Also, Bear Strength is a food, so there is no maximum daily consumption limit in terms of quantity. Finally, it is of excellent quality, which contributes to its efficiency.

Nutrition Facts
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
  Amount per serving 35g % Daily Value*
Energy 495kJ / 116.5 Kcal 5.8%
Fat 0.2g 0.3%
of which saturated 0.04g 0%
Carbohydrate 27.9g 10.7g
Sugars 18.4g 20.3%
Dietary Fiber 0.3g 1.3%
Proteins 0.6g 1.26%
Salt 0.04g 0%
Vitamin B6 0.077mg  
Vitamin B5 0.091mg  


[Advendure]: Does the use of unprocessed honey in bear Strength have to do with the low glycaemic index in relation to processed honey? Obviously we are talking about a product that the athlete will consume immediately before or during his effort, so it is a feature of great importance.

[Vasilis & Eleni]: The more processed a food containing carbohydrate is, the higher the glycaemic index is. Pure honey has a glycaemic index of 50-75 (with glucose reference having 100) depending on its variety, and low glycemic load. This can be changed dramatically after process (heating, adulteration, etc.) Also, according to a study by the agricultural University of Athens, there are varieties of honey which seem to represent a better choice among the available ones, as regards the glycaemic response. We use only unprocessed honey and non-processed fresh pollen. In addition, we select honey varieties that have a lower glycaemic index than others. Thus, we achieve to maintain the glycaemic index at the lowest possible level, which is very important for the athlete either he chooses to consume it immediately before or during his training.


The bear in an energy gel


[Advendure]: Competition in athletic food products squeezes prices. However, a product like yours, which is clearly natural with pure honey, pollen and salt, will certainly cost more than the corresponding manufactured ones. Aren’t you afraid of the cost issue in market? How do you see the athletes' response so far?

[Vasilis & Eleni]:]: It is included in the category of gel containing amino acids, so its price is competitive considering its excellent quality. It is unprecedented the love shown to us by those athletes who have tried it!


[Advendure]: Maybe it's still too early, but do you plan to expand in the production of other types of energy products for athletesin the future?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: Yes, we are working on an energy bar of the same exquisite quality as the gel, after the encouragement of many ultra athletes.


[Advendure]: You have already made your presence on two of the biggest mountain running races in our country. Will we see you participating in more in the future? Do you sponsor or think to sponsor some athletes?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: We will definitely continue our cooperation with the events that we were already sponsors of and we would like to attend other competitions both in Greece and abroad. At this point, we would like to say a big “thank you” to Nikos Kalofyris who supported and is still supporting us. He trusted us and tried for the first time the Bear Strength in Zagori Mountain Running at TERRA 80km and finished with the best impressions. Nikos uses it in his training sessions, highly recommends it and is our warmest supporter. Since then we have been sponsors of all the Ursa Trail races and we offer Bear Strength and our products in the catering of the races. Apart from Nikos, many athletes, both professional and non-professional, show us every day their support and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


The No 1 greek energy gel for athletes


[Advendure]: Supposedly you too run or hike? How do you see the development of mountain running so far?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: We've been climbing mountains since we were kids. Then there was no Facebook and Instagram. These were the times when a 36mm film needed three months to be developed. We grew up there, we live there, we work, we hike and we run there. We love the mountains and we respect it, and it is very beautiful to see the once empty paths being pepped up with athletes who respect and love nature, from people who can observe and experience the beauty of the mountain.


[Advendure]: While “strolling” in your website, my eyes paused on an expression of your grandmother saying: "Don’t count the stars; you'll get plantar warts...”. I do not know about plantar warts, but you will definitely dare to dream, having some dreams already come true and some others concerning the future. So what is your vision for your company's evolution? What dreams do you have for the future?

[Vasilis & Eleni]: Exactly! We take the advice of our grandmother and we count the stars and we make dreams! Our vision is to maintain our values so that we always offer top products with respect to nature, to the bee and human. And our dream ... is a cabin in the mountain hut next to a beautiful path.


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