Interview with Nomad Honey at Tropos Branding Co

Interview with Nomad Honey at Tropos Branding Co

Read the interview we had with Tropos Branding Co about Bear Strength during EXPO at Athens Marathon in November 2018.

[Tropos Branding Co]: A conversation that still going in recent years with customers and collaborators, demonstrates both a difficulty and a business opportunity at the same time. The question is how can a product or business get to communicate at consumer / user level, since there is no doubt that this requires a great deal of effort.

The answer comes easily if the business clarifies how it perceives its customer, as a Consumer or User of the product?

In the first case, the most efficient method is to place the product on a shelf (B2B-Business to Business) and advertise it (in any way) to make it known and to attract consumers.

In the second case, if the customer is perceived as a USER, then he must be trainedhow to use it properly, and as a result help him understand the added Value that is not perceived at first glance and experience is the key to understand. That's where contact with specific tribes of users starts.

Quick conclusion: Tribes are not built but are SERVED.


The following video depicts the differentiation of a daily product (honey) into a product that can serve the needs of a large tribe that is expressed by running.


[Vasilis & Eleni]: