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Nomad Honey Experience


You can live the NOMAD HONEY experience and get to know the wonderful world of bees with a visit to our hives!

One of our apiaries is located in the area of ​ Vikos Gorge, near Vradetto village, at 1350m altitude.

This area, located within the Vikos - Aoos Geopark (NATURA), is particularly known for its biodiversity. 1700 species and subspecies of plants grow in Vikos Gorge area. Rare but well-known herbs, endemic orchid species, wild flowers, fruit trees and many more. It is no coincidence that in this place, many years ago (since the 17th century), the "vikogiatri"(vikos doctors) as they were called, were taking action. Herbs from this region collected by botanists were used to treat certain ailments and were particularly popular in the 19th century.

In this wonderful place you can visit us and take a guided tour of our NOMAD bee world.

The visit lasts at least 45 minutes and depending on the weather and the interest of the group can last up to two hours. The visit includes:

  • Explanation of the basic organic beekeeping principles and the importance of pollination
  • Information on the biodiversity of the area and observation of the plants that we can find, see and smell on the specific day and season in the field.
  • Provision of beekeeping uniforms for entering the beehive area (it is wise not to smell perfumes, deodorants, fabric softeners and anything that has to do with aromatic stuff)
  • Opening a beehive and observing the interior of the hive with information about its operation
  • Tasting of different types of honey and pollen
  • Gift: energy gel based on our products for the rest of the excursion.




* Due to weather, tour bookings may be cancelled. In such cases there will be a relevant notification by email and/or phone before the scheduled appointment.

* It is required to fill out a responsible declaration that each person enters the apiary area at his own risk

* At the time of the visit, all visitors must wear long pants and closed shoes.


Our beehives are located on the path that leads to the panoramic view point of Vikos Gorge (the deepest gorge of the world depending its length, GUINESS WORLD RECORDS), "Beloi". The average time to reach this point on foot is 20-30'. It is a very walkable trail that is worth combining with your visit.

If you wish to take a slightly more demanding walk, the famous Vradetto Stairs path, which starts from the village of Kapesovo, ends in the square of the village of Vradetto. The average duration of this route is approximately 1-1:30 hours. Our apiary is a 5-minute walk from the village square.

If you are interested in learning more about how honey is extracted, and its packaging and standardization line, we keep the area of ​​our beekeeping laboratory just outside the city of Ioannina open to visitors. We are open daily from 9am to 5pm, and on weekends by appointment.

To arrange your visit and to be informed about the cost and the time availability you can send your email at info@nomad-honey.gr, or call us at +30 6944 836 488+30 6944761218