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Pure and raw. 100% honey. As the bee gives us

We are NOMAD

When you hear the word "honey," don’t you think something pure? So it must be. As the bee gives us. Pure and raw. 100% honey. Different flavors and compositions can satisfy your needs for a fully natural and healthy food.

On the highest mountains, in the most fertile valleys and in the densest and beautiful forests. Where our honeycombs have fresh air and pick up a delicious meal for them, for us ... and for you!

Nomad Honey Collection


Vikos Gorge Blue Thistle Organic Honey


A richly aromatic and floral honey produced by a variety of rare herbs and wildflowers, including the blue thistle.

This honey is produced in the nooks and cranny’s of the Vikos Gorge in Epirus, Northwestern Greece—in the most remote part of Greece, in other words!

It has a distinct aftertaste and an intense wild floral flavor. Because of its rarity, it is produced in limited supply

Evritania Mountains Fir Tree Organic Honey

250gr | 500gr

This fir honey from Evritania, a remote part of the northwestern Greek mainland, is beloved for its delicate flavor, golden almost iridescent color and pleasantly viscous texture.

Hints of vanilla and caramel linger on the palate with every spoonful. Fir honey is relatively rare in Greece and is only produced in a few places, one of them being the densely forested area of Evritania.

It’s one of the poorest places in Europe with one of the most richly forested landscapes. It is an aromatic honey that is light and golden but with a depth of flavor that calls forth all the wonders of high-altitude fir forests.


Souli Mountains Arbutus Organic Honey


Unique for lovers of bitter aftertastes with intense acridity and distinct smell.

A really impressive, cool honey which crystallizes very soon after the harvest and retains a wonderful fine-crystallized texture.

It is produced in Souli Mountains a land of particular historical interest for the Greeks.

Vikos – Aoos National Park Oak Tree Organic Honey

250gr | 500gr

Dark, impressively thick, and superlatively rich in flavor and therapeutic qualities, this unique organic oak honey is produced from bees lucky enough to live in one of the most densely forested and pristine parts of Greece, the Vikos-Aoos National Park in Epirus, in northwestern Greece, on the northern slopes of the Pindus Mountains.

A land of deep gorges, tall, lushly forested mountains, rushing rivers, crystalline lakes and labyrinthine caves, this Natura 2000 ecological preserve is one of the UNESCO geoparks. You can taste the dense oak and imagine its shade and ancient wisdom in every spoonful of Nomad’s fabulous oak honey, one of the few, indeed, produced in Greece.

It’s not surprising that this wonderful honey has won the London’s prestigious Great Taste award for three years in a row. Oak honey is obtained not from the nectar of flowers but rather from the molasses that oozes off acorns, the fruits of the oak tree. It is extremely dark, almost black, and very rich in iron. It is a salve for digestive problems and is high in antibacterial agents.

Vikos Gorge Herbs and Wild Flowers Organic Honey

250gr | 500gr

A richly aromatic honey with a unique refreshing mint after flavor because of the wild mint that our bees visit this time of the year.

A richly aromatic honey with a unique refreshing mint after flavor because of the wild mint that our bees visit this time of the year.
This honey, apart from the wild mint, is produced by a variety of rare herbs and wild flowers such as greek mountain tea (sidiritis), sage, wild oregano etc.

It is produced in the Vikos Gorge area, in limited supply and its production depends on the weather of each year.